Smiling to Myself" Groupzine #03


Page Count: 36 
Dimensions (cm): 13.97 x 
17.78 cm (in): 5.5 x 7.0 in. 
Print Process: Full Digital Color and Black Ink 
Binding: Saddle Stich Staple Bound 
Edition size: /40 
Huntington Beach, CA. USA , 2013. 
Publisher URL:
Flickr URL:

Biographic Info:Smiling to Myself
Curation / Layout by Ricardo Lozano.

Featuring new work, photographs, and illustrations by:

Ricardo Lozano, Brad Westcott, Chunks, 
Delaney Gibbons, Grayson Cahill, Hana Haley, Eleanor Bleier, Kevin Tadge, Lena Bush, Maria Kazvan, Miranda Lehman, Piotr Aokul, René Omenzette, Roma Moskalenko, Susannah Van der Zaag, Tuane Eggers,Vera Papp.

Take a look at our beautiful, third group book release. Oh, and #04 is just around the corner. 

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